5 Mega Trends 2020

Key Conclusions

  • Sustainable living will continue to be a mega trend in 2020. Now consumers will experience more and more pressure when it comes to "unsustainable" decisions (GREEN PRESSURE).

  • As data and tracking is becoming more widely available, customers expect more and more personalized products and services (BRAND AVATARS, METAMORPHIC DESIGN).

  • On the other hand, mindfulness and active management of personal well-being are becoming increasingly important in this volatile and fast-moving world (THE BURNOUT, CIVIL MEDIA).

Source: trentwatching.com


Since sustainable alternatives are widespread, affordable and just as good or better than less sustainable options, there's no reason not to choose them. Therefore, eco-consumption is not so much about (status-driven) opt-in as it is about the shame of opting out.


  • TESLA launches launches the Roadster for US$ 100,000 in 2008. 2019 is Tesla’s Model 3 is the third best-selling car in the UK.

  • ADIDAS produced a limited-edition of sneakers (50 pairs) made from recycled ocean plastic in 2016. In 2019 Adidas made 11 million pairs of ocean plastic sneakers.

  • KLM „Fly Responsible“ Campaign followed the „Do not buy this Jacket“ campaign from Patagonia (2011) and encouraged passengers to consider whether they really need to fly.

  • Mastercard / Doconomy offer a credit card that tracks the carbon impact of the purchase and blocks payments when the user runs their individual carbon emissions (video).


Since the virtual influencers have already moved into the mainstream (see the virtual influencer Lil Miquela alongside supermodel Bela Hadid in a CK campaign), a large number of (new) digital channels (i.e. TikTok, Alexa, In-store touchscreens) have been established and consumers have already become accustomed to AI customer service, consumers will now expect brand experiences that go far beyond "Alexa, order me a detergent" and include well-being, creativity and even the human need for companionship.


Several companies have announced that they will launch a new kind of avatar in one way or another.

  • AMAZON is working on a portable, vice-activated device that understands and responds to the emotions of the user.

  • The Japanese skin care brand SKII will launch YUMI. YUMI builds on AI and will answer questions in a "wamer manner" because it has a personality, moves autonomously and interacts with customers.


The desire for personalization has reshaped the meaning of convenience for millions of people around the world. But there can never be a perfect product, service or solution for a particular person. Rather expect today's consumers services and experiences that are constantly adapting to their changing needs.


  • OPTUNE (Shiseido). Users receive a personalized skin cream that is tailored to the individual skin condition by analyzing photos, which are sent in every day, as well as temperature and humidity of the location and sleep data. OPTUNE is a monthly subscription (Video).

  • BAZE. Based on a blood sample, users receive with a monthly subscription multivitamins and other nutritional supplements and send in new blood samples every quarter in order to adapt their nutrition constantly.Nestlé. The Wellness Ambassador program combines artificial intelligence, DNA testing and meal analysis to collect consumer data on nutrition and health. It then tailors a nutrition program to meet those specifications.


Constant pressure to be on fire all the time – personally and professionally – is causing many to burn through their mental and physical reserves. Consumers will look for brands to help them battle the Burnout.

For the best companies mental wellbeing of employees becomes just as important as a sustainable supply chain and will reorientate their internal culture around it.


  • THRIVA: Users must chew a tube 4 times a day and then send it in. Thriva will then measure the cortisol level and give users a clear picture of how they are coping with everyday stress and will give personal advice on how to start reducing or managing stress.

  • MICROSOFT Japan tested a 4-day workweek (article)so that employees can spend more time with their families and hobbies, resulting in a 40% increase in productivity.

  • The new Finnish Prime Minister recently proposed to put the entire country on a four-day workweek or six-hour workday to increase productivity and reduce carbon emissions (article).

  • IKEA has conducted a series of campaigns around the world to highlight the importance of sleep.


Certainly Social Media has many advantages, but is now impossible to ignore, that many channels are being overwhelmed by bad actors, toxic morass of bullying and harassment.

Consumers will now seek for an antidote and embrace smaller and more intimate digital spaces that facilitate respectful and meaningful connections, let them interact with like-minded peers and allow them to truly be themselves.


  • QUILT is an app, that helps professional women to meet and share personal experiences around varieties of topics. i.e.money, fundraising, love, social media addiction.SPRITE Latin America.

  • SPRITE worked together with Google on the „You are not alone campaign“ identifying personal issues of young people and then opened curated forums to connect and discuss about their issues, i.e. Stillsein a virgin and coming out as transgender. The follow-up campaign „I live you hater“ dresses bullying.

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