Become successful by placing the customer

at the centre of your strategies and actions.



Market Opportunity Analysis


Corporate Strategy

  • Business case preparation for a side stream product (B2B): deep and extended view of market data, including market size and potential, customer base, positioning and pricing (rmb)

  • Development of the mission, vision & values of a worldwide leading B2B company (> 350 employees): 0,5 day workshop with top management, implementation in over 12 global subsidiaries (rmb)

  • Deep analysis of regional, Dutch market for a local service provider: market size, customer segmentation, competition, incl. customer interviews (rmb)

  • Development of the start-up Tchibo mobil, incl. business case, contract negoations (O2)

  • Development of a globally uniform and customer-centric sales & service program for a B2B company (rmb) 

  • Development of marketing strategy for a private university (rmb)

  • Definition and founding of Tchibo mobil as the first brand in mobile communications (O2, Tchibo)

  • Development of tailor-made sales marketing concepts (Tchibo mobil)

  • Redefinition of the price and product strategy for o2 Prepay (o2)

Multichannel Marketing Strategies



Brand Development

  • Realignment of the global brand strategy towards customer centricity (B2B): 1 day workshop with key stakeholders (rmb)

  • Harmonization of global brand identity (B2B food company), (rmb)

  • Management of several projects developing and implementing lead-oriented websites, e.g. for a global B2B food and a B2B service company (rmb)

  • Development of a new brand communication idea for a Polish FMCG brand (rmb)

  • Development of a pan-European activation campaign (rmb)

  • Multi-channel campaign for Deutsche Telekom (DDB Tribal)

  • Revision of the brand communication A1, Austrian mobile operator (Telekom Austria, 2009)

  • Leading various marketing workshops for medium-sized B2B customers in collaboration with MDKK, Magdeburg

  • Developing and implementing strategic partnerships

  • Carrying out consumer research and ensuring communication effectiveness, identifying opportunities and anticipating challenges through analyzing markets, target groups and KPI ́s

  • Managing of external partners and developing strategic alliances

  • Building and developing consumer-centric, agile and effective marketing teams