Sustainability Procurement Pledge


#SPP is a pro-bono bottom-up initiative that celebrates the individual impact and complements all existing top-down sustainability initiatives.


My Contribution:

  • Development of Mission, Vision and Strategy

  • Development of Online Community 

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan

Unilever Expatriate Network (UEN) is the platform for all Unilever expats and their families, who work and live in The Netherlands. 

My Contribution:

  • Development of the Mission of the UEN

  • Development of a Campaign for Sustainable Living. 
    In order to apply Unilever's Plan for Sustainable Living to expats and their families, we have developed the UEN Sustainable Living Challenges programme, because we firmly believe that "Small Acts make Big Differences". Each challenge contained instructions on how to easily change one's behaviour to live more sustainably, background information and other tips for implementation.